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To give you a little background about myself.
I was born and raised in North East Florida I am the oldest of four and a graduated homeschooler. My family and I moved to East Tennessee in the summer of 2007 (the beginning of my senior year of high-school). Life was a little different but God has grown us so much since our move. Truly amazing! 

As for things I enjoy, there are many things. I am rather eclectic. I enjoy singing with my sisters and little brother, playing violin, history, reading.
I also like gardening, bike riding, long walks, good long conversations and embracing true Biblical femininity. Oh, and the ocean, everything about it. It's just the Florida girl in me I suppose. You can take the girl from the ocean but not the ocean from the girl! What I enjoy the most would have to be photography. I have been photographing everything for about 6 years now. 

You can visit my blog here:                                              Purposed Photography.  

First and foremost, I am an unworthy sinner that was shown by my gracious Heavenly Father the ugliness of my sin, who God then brought to repentance (James 4:6-10) and now by His Grace I am being sanctified. Now I am a young woman striving to serve my God and Savior Jesus Christ. I long for a stronger walk with Him. The prayer life of the the Godly men I have read about such as Livingstone and etc... The prayer life of James who was known to have knees like a camel from spending so much time in prayer! The Faith of Abraham, the Heart of David, and Courage and Faith of Esther. And above all our greatest example of Holiness is Christ! 

When I renamed my blog, I first thought of "Bleeding Hearts For Christ".
In an attempt to make my blog "less" about me and my life and more of an encouragement to those who read it. Then I thought.... Does my heart truly bleed for Him as it should? Do I set a higher standard or do I follow the crowd? Do I look behind me as Lot's wife did or, do I look forward and seek God's will and not my own? So, "She Wears Purple"  (inspired by Proverbs 31:10-31) seemed most suitable being "Bleeding Hearts" sounds as though we have accomplished something.  

Being clothed with "Strength and honour" isn't always easy. It's hard to put on ourselves but with that said it is God who puts ANY holy desire within us! We pray for the strength to do it again everyday, with a more willing heart, strength, humility and meekness. Something we are striving for and need the help of Christ to do. Being our sinful nature would rather look behind us, sigh and face the judgement of God. So, like I said before  "Wearing Purple" isn't always an easy task. Which I believe that is right where God wants us. To need Him, it keeps us humble it keeps us on our knees. Think about it. Why will the "meek inherit the earth"? Why does God "give grace to the humble" and not the proud? We should give the Glory to God for He allowed us to achieve. I don't  know about you but I think it's great! I have NO CONTROL OVER MY LIFE! An all knowing God does though! WE DO NOTHING! Frivolous worry gone for an eternity! Isn't it fabulous!? 

We are all (as converted believers) being sanctified everyday. So how can we judge one another? (James 4:11-12) Let it be as Romans 12 says. 
I say these things but by no means do I feel that I have even begun to understand, grasp and apply it! I named it  "She Wears Purple" because we are a work in progress. God gave us the Proverbs 31 woman as an example, a picture. Something to look to, something to meditate on. 

As Believers we desire to please God and obey Him. For those who are born again in Christ, we are all going down the same road though we may all be in different places. I want this blog to be an encouragement to you. I no longer want this blog to be just about myself. I will do my very best to back up my thoughts and opinions  with scripture. So to conclude my "novel" here: 
As for me this is what I want to hear Proverbs 31:25; 29-31. 

I hope you enjoy your visits here and pray that it will be of good service and an encouragement to you. 
Semper Reformanda and Solo Scriptura.
God Bless!

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